What to Expect at Truth Memorial

Our worship experience is electrifying; involving God’s people coming together on one accord.


We meet at least two times a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. Our Sunday morning worship time is extra special and it starts at 10:30 AM. All who attend find encouragement, fellowship and the opportunity to participate in the celebration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Setting

Our setting is relaxed and friendly and includes an array of music topped with life-changing messages. On Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM we pray for the world, our nation, our community, our church and ourselves. We petition for guidance, wisdom, clarity and most importantly the understanding of God’s will for our lives. By 7:30 PM, we stand ready to receive the life-changing Bible study taught by Pastor William F. Smith. Various topics in well-prepared lessons make learning easy and effective. The Wednesday setting promotes interaction between student and teacher. Questions and comments are welcomed.

As we come together in worship, we seek to connect with God, responding to His love, in awe of His greatness. A season of prayer prepares our hearts to receive His Word for we desire the seed of God’s Word to fall on good ground. Dynamic worship music enhances our interaction with the Almighty God. Currently, we have no musician on staff but the genre of music selected leaves no one dissatisfied. You will hear gospel, hymns, hip-hop, jazz; all with worship in mind. Our goal is to bring glory to God in anticipation of His manifested Presence. Come expecting to hear a rhema word from our pastor. Salvation, conversion, deliverance and the loosening from bondage has been fruit of his messages. All leave empowered to walk worthy of their vocation while proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

Classes for All Ages

On Sunday mornings, we have classes for all ages starting at 9:00 AM. Teaching the Word of God is the primary reason why we come together. We want students to walk away edified and empowered in God’s word; being able to apply each lesson in demonstration that God’s Word works! Truth Youth Church (TYC) is a program designed for our young people to engage during morning worship. Adults are able to enjoy the service while hearing the preached Word without any distractions. Meanwhile the children receive spiritual lessons on their level equipping them to face the challenges of the day.

Our Focus

At Truth Memorial, our focus is not on religion, it’s on relationship; a relationship with God. Our messages speak to real issues of the heart and provide practical applications for life, family and work.

We welcome YOU!

You will be welcomed right from the start so get comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere of praise. The dress is casual and varies — so come as you are! We focus on creating an environment that encourages everyone to worship God freely.